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Two Years International Warranty

Warranty Policy

ATOWAK provides a Limited Warranty covering defects in materials and manufacturing for Two (2) years from the original purchase date from the official website or an authorized retailer. This warranty does not cover batteries, cases, crystals, crowns, pushers, straps, hands, or any changes that occur during use and not from manufacturing or assembly.

Please be aware that this warranty becomes void if you open your case back, push the buttons underwater, or expose your watch to moisture beyond the recommendation of the watch’s water resistance rating.

Proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims, so kindly retain a copy of your receipt. ATOWAK reserves the right to not accept a warranty claim if a watch shows evidence of excessive wear or misuse. In cases where a warranty claim is accepted, ATOWAK reserves the right to repair or replace the watch at our discretion.

Claim Process

To initiate a claim under the Limited Warranty, provide a copy of the valid purchase receipt for the defective watch. Contact our support team via email at, stating your full name, mailing address, preferred phone number, email address, and a brief note explaining the issue.

Shipping for Repair

Ship the defective watch securely (excluding its original packaging) to our designated address. It is advisable to insure the shipment against damage, theft, or loss during transit.
We will cover the cost of shipping back the defective watches under the Limited Warranty.

Repair Time

Typically, repairs are completed within 4-6 weeks. However, external factors like holidays or parts availability may affect repair times.

Costs for Non-Warranty Repairs

For repairs not covered by the Limited Warranty, we will provide an estimate of costs and repair times. Approval and payment for the repair must be obtained before processing.

Water Resistance

A quick reference guide for the various activities you can expose your watch to under normal circumstances. Regardless of the water resistance level, a watch should never be worn in any hot tub, shower, sauna, or steam room.

3 ATM = Should not be submerged in water.
5 ATM = Splash Resistant. Suitable for washing hands or light rain.
10 ATM = Water Sports. Suitable for swimming, surfing, etc.
30 ATM = Scuba Diving. Suitable for extreme ocean depths.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or require assistance, please reach out to our support team at