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ATOWAK COBRA Marron Désert

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Modèle : Cobra

Taille du boîtier : 50 mm x 43 mm

Épaisseur du boîtier : 16,2 mm

Poids (sans sangles) : 92 g

Poids (avec sangles en cuir) : 115 g

Poids (avec sangles en acier ) : 210 g

Matériau du boîtier : Acier inoxydable 316L et patchs en fibre de carbone

Cadran : Cuivre 3D et aluminium aviation, motif Genève et impression Swiss LumiNova

Lentille : verre saphir résistant aux rayures

Étanchéité : 3ATM

Mouvement : MIYOTA 9039 modifié

Réserve de marche : 38 heures

Aiguilles : Satellite tournant à 360 ° Roue des heures

Matériau de l'aiguille : aluminium aviation et fibre de carbone

Matériau du bracelet : Cuir*1 et acier inoxydable 316L*1 (chaque COBRA est livré avec 2 bracelets)

Largeur du bracelet : 22 mm*20 mm

Longueur de la sangle : 120 mm x 80 mm

Type de fermoir : Boucle de sangle à dégagement rapide

Garantie internationale de deux ans

Votre montre est garantie internationalement par ATOWAK pendant deux ans à compter de la date d'achat sur tous les modèles présentant des défauts de matériaux ou de fabrication.

Cette garantie ne couvre pas :

- Les bracelets, le verre ou les piles.

- Les dommages internes ou externes résultant d'une usure excessive, d'une mauvaise utilisation ou d'une mauvaise manipulation.

- Dommages résultant d'un service fourni par un centre de service non agréé.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Do Not Buy.
This is the cheapest and lightest feeling watch I’ve ever owned.
Incredibly disappointed. The strap feels like it’s so weak that I haven’t even attempted to wear it. Like it’s made of actual paper.
The main body of the watch is so light that it feels hollow.
It does not appear nearly as cool as the pictures. The main part of the watch is the appreciate size but the band is so thin it looks very out of place and the whole thing feels and looks cheap.
I have 10 or so 3k-20k watches and this is the only one I’ve ever regretted buying.

Dear customer,

We sincerely apologize for any disappointment you've experienced with your purchase.

We are genuinely surprised and sorry to hear about the quality issues you've encountered, as ATOWAK has consistently earned praise for our reliable quality.

Regarding the time frame of your purchase, we understand that it may exceed our standard return policy. However, we would like to extend an invitation for you to reach out to our customer service team. We will do our best to find alternative solutions, such as offering a replacement with a more comfortable rubber strap, to ensure your satisfaction with our aftersale services.

Once again, we appreciate your feedback as it helps us identify areas for improvement. We remain dedicated to providing you with better product and service experiences in the future.


Co Nguyen
CO CObra

Awesome looking watch. great movement. looks expensive

Robert S.
New Orbit winder a great match to the Cobra!

My choice of Cobra is the Desert Brown, which I'm quite happy with, it really looks stunning with the dark tinted case & coppery accents. Many novelty watches are hard to read, but not the case here! Atowak did their homework & came up with a cutting edge design that is readable at a glance. The winder in the pics is the new Atowak Orbit, which I won in the New Years Giveaway contest. The Orbit arrived already charged & ready to go! At 5 inches across at the base & 7 inches high it's the perfect size for displaying & winding any automatic watch. The only area for improvement I can see is the rubber ring for the bottom of the glass dome. The ring is the type of rubber that holds onto dust, and it was packed separate. I found the gasket hard to put on, & it comes off too easily, but a relatively minor issue considering the superb functioning & great looks of the Orbit winder.

Matt Poirier

I received this watch about a week after launch and have worn it daily ever since. In person watch is gorgeous. Watch is very comfortable on the wrist. Many review videos say this watch is very thick, but in my opinion, depending on wrist size, watch wears very well, and when using steel bracelet, really hunkers down on the wrist. Just a really interesting watch done really well.

Ansel Lee
Excellence services and quality product

I gotten a cobra and Ettore and received both watches in superb condition and nice boxes. Needless to say, the quality and workmanship of the watches worth every cents of my money. Hoped to see more model from ATOWAK in future.